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A US court ordered the organizers of the cryptopyramid to pay over $900,000.

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The United States District Court in Colorado ordered the local company and its manager to pay compensation and a fine for setting up the Ponzi scheme. This is reported by the country’s Commodity Futures and Exchange Commission (CFTC).

Breonna Clarke, also known as Eliot Clarke or Alexander Park, tricked investments from 72 people through her company Venture Capital Investments Ltd. allegedly to trade in the cryptovite and forex markets. In social networks, she promised potential customers stable profits.

„The court found that the defendant misappropriated users‘ money in order to purchase, among other things, a luxury car,“ the statement said.

Part of the money was spent on payments to early customers to support the fraudulent scheme. In total, the abuser misappropriated $450,302. Venture Capital and Clarke must reimburse the deceived investors for this amount.

They also have to pay a fine and CFTC costs of $450,302. The court has forbidden the defendants to register with the commission and to trade in any markets that it regulates.

At the end of August, the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission disclosed a $27 million cryptovoltaic pyramid. The attackers chose African immigrants as their victims.