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Celso Russomanno promises family involvement with R$4.5 million financial pyramid ‚will be resolved

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Company of son-in-law and daughter of candidate to the city hall of São Paulo is accused of coup

Presenter Celso Russomanno promised that „the problem related to the recent accusation of involvement of relatives in a financial pyramid scheme will be solved“.

According to lawsuits filed against the company of the candidate’s son-in-law, the business may have moved R$4.5 million. So far, 18 people have denounced the platform in court for the practice of financial pyramid in the market.

Thus, besides Celso Russomanno’s son-in-law, the daughter would also be involved in the scheme that promised profit from cash investments. However, immediately after the complaint, the candidate defended the family from involvement in the scheme.

For Russomanno, the debts involving his daughter’s company will soon be settled. The politician claims that family members are suffering attacks because of their position in the first place in the voting intentions for the São Paulo City Hall.

Celso Russomanno promises to resolve

Celso Russomanno, a candidate for the São Paulo City Hall, was named after family members involved in the denunciation of a scheme known as the financial pyramid, which until then may have moved R$4.5 million.

In addition to the promise of easy Golden Profit, fraud of this kind offers rewards for new investors. As reported by the Cointelegraph, the financial pyramid involving Celso Russomanno’s family was denounced on September 26.

However, when speaking again about the case involving the family at a press conference on Tuesday (29), Russomanno promised that „the problem related to the accusations of the financial pyramid business will be solved“.

Speaking about the case briefly, the politician who is first in the race for the mayor’s office in São Paulo sketched „sadness“ when he said that family members are receiving attacks due to the 2020 Elections.

Financial pyramid of R$4.5 million

The daughter and son-in-law of presenter Celso Russomanno are appointed as leaders of a financial pyramid denounced by investors through the courts. According to the accusations, the scheme may have moved more than R$4.5 million and promised a return for the victims ranging from 1.5% to 4% per month.

Thus, the total estimated value of R$ 4.5 million corresponds only to the amount invested by 18 victims of the company who decided to seek justice recently. In order to get into the business of Celso Russomanno’s daughter and son-in-law, the victims paid between R$ 10,000 and R$ 1 million.

In addition to being accused of financial pyramid practices, the company NQZ Participações, which belongs to the son-in-law of Congressman Celso Russomanno, is cited in almost 20 lawsuits for delayed looting.

Relationship with candidate

The candidate Celso Russomanno was indirectly associated with a financial pyramid scheme operated by his daughter and son-in-law. In an interview with Estadão, one of the victims of the business says that he believed in the company because of the relationship with the presenter.

The victim is a cosmetics saleswoman, who decided to invest R$20,000 in the business in search of an easy profit. She says she lost the money after believing in the legitimacy of the investment.

„The owner is Celso Russomanno’s son-in-law, you know?“

That was the message the seller received from investment brokers, who associated the candidate to the city of São Paulo – SP with the son-in-law’s company. On the other hand, Celso Russomanno promises that everything will be clarified, in defense of the case.

Before this Tuesday’s press conference (29), the politician said that the son-in-law was facing financial problems, when he presented a defence in the face of accusations of family members‘ involvement with the R$4.5 million financial pyramid.